Three car tires on snow

Benefits of Driving With Winter Tires

Winter is right around the corner and now is the time for you to get your vehicle ready for driving in and on the snow. One way to get your car, pickup truck or SUV ready for driving in the winter is to have winter tires installed onto your vehicle. Winter tires can be an essential part of your vehicle during the winter months as they help give you increased traction when driving on snow- and ice-covered roads as well as helping to increase your stopping time when braking. Why does your vehicle need winter tires? Keep reading to find out the benefits of having winter tires.

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Why You Need Winter Tires on Your Vehicle

Winter tires help make driving in the winter easier and safer. Below, you’ll learn more about the benefits of having winter tires on your vehicle and why you should have them.

  • Increased Traction Control. Winter tires give your vehicle increased traction on snow- and ice-covered roads so you can drive with more grip and confidence. Thanks to their unique treat pattern and tread depth, winter tires are extremely helpful to have when driving in the winter.
  • Improves Steering, Acceleration and Braking. With their specific design, a winter tire can help improve steering performance, acceleration and braking when driving on snow and ice.
  • Durability. Winter Tires are made from a special rubber material that is designed to withstand the colder temperatures of winter while also giving you the best grip of the road.

If you need new winter tires for your vehicle or want to have them checked out to see if they’re in good shape and ready for winter driving, please visit us at Red Hill Toyota, today, to let one of our tire specialists help. Drive safe this winter; if you need us, we’ll gladly help.

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