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Oil Change Interval Tips

When you own a vehicle, you know that there is a lot you have to do in order to keep it running and performing the way it’s supposed to. From basic automotive services to scheduled maintenance, every vehicle needs to be taken care of in order to continue to deliver the reliability you want, need and expect from it. One of the most important automotive services you can do for your vehicle is to change its oil on a regular basis. Knowing how often you should change your car’s engine oil is extremely important and will help you save money by keeping your vehicle in excellent condition. Keep reading to learn more about how often your oil needs to be changed so it can continue to give you worry-free miles.

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When Should You Change Your Engine Oil?

Not all vehicles have the same oil change interval. From cars, SUVs and pickup trucks to newer and late-model vehicles, oil change frequency can vary quite a bit. For example, vehicles that are older than ten years most likely need an oil change every 5,000 kilometres whereas some newer vehicles may not need an oil change until somewhere between 8,000 to 16,000 kilometres. Another factor to consider is what type of oil you use. Vehicles that use regular conventional oil require an oil change more often than one that uses synthetic oil.

To know for sure how often you should change your car’s engine oil, be sure to check its owner’s manual for the correct and accurate information. The owner’s manual will tell you how often you should change your engine oil and what type of engine oil to use.

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