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Benefits of Synthetic Engine Oil

The vehicle you drive requires regularly scheduled maintenance in order to keep performing the way it was designed to. While there are many different automotive services that it needs, none of them are more important than an oil change. Getting an oil change on a regular basis helps to keep your engine running and in good condition. Without fresh oil, your engine would seize up and stop working, causing you a major headache and a large repair bill. One thing that many drivers ask is whether or not synthetic engine oil is better for your car when compared to conventional engine oil. If you’re not sure what the benefits of using synthetic engine oil are and want to learn more about its superior performance and protection, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn more about synthetic engine oil and why you should start using it.

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Why You Should Use Synthetic Engine Oil

There are many benefits of using synthetic engine oil in your vehicle and once you learn what they are, you’ll want to start using it. Synthetic engine oil offers superior performance and protection when compared to conventional engine oil. Thanks to higher-quality base oils, synthetic engine oil can help combat the build-up of deposits and sludge while also reducing wear and tear. Utilizing greater protection against higher temperatures, synthetic engine oil does not break down as fast as other types of engine oil. Another one of the many benefits of synthetic engine oil is that it lasts longer than conventional oil and does not need to be replaced as often. This means that you don’t have to worry about having your oil changed as frequently.

Synthetic Engine Oil Vs. Conventional Engine Oil

Synthetic engine oil outperforms conventional engine oil in every aspect, and below, you’ll find a few of the benefits you can expect when choosing synthetic engine oil at your next oil change.

  • Reduces Build-Up
  • Reduces Wear & Tear
  • Better In Cold Weather
  • Keeps Your Engine Cleaner
  • Increased Engine Protection
  • Increased Protection of Turbochargers
  • Increased Protection at High Temperatures

Whenever your vehicle is ready for its next oil change, consider using synthetic engine oil so you can experience all its benefits. If you’re looking to schedule an oil change at a dealership that can provide your vehicle with the service it deserves, please contact the professional service staff at Red Hill Toyota, today.

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