Mechanic rotating a tire on a car

Tire Rotation Schedule

Having your vehicle’s tires rotated regularly is an essential service that helps keep your tires lasting longer and gives you more traction on the road, especially on slick road surfaces. While many drivers know they need to have their tires rotated, not everyone knows why or how they should do it. Keep reading to learn more about why you need to rotate your vehicle’s tires and when you should have this important service performed.

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Why Do I Have to Rotate My Vehicle’s Tires?

Having tires that can give you the traction you need to drive with confidence is extremely important. Whether you’re driving on dry, wet, icy or snow-covered roads, having tires with a deep tread is vital to ensure that your tires get the best grip on the road as possible. When tires begin to wear down, they don’t usually don’t wear down evenly, causing uneven tread wear. Having your tires rotated regularly helps to equal out their tread so they can last longer and help give you the best traction control possible.

When Should I Rotate My Vehicle’s Tires?

Depending on the tires you have on your vehicle and what the manufacturer suggests, a tire rotation schedule is normally pretty cut and dry. The average consensus of how often you should rotate your vehicle’s tires is around 10,000 km. It is important to note that your driving style and the road surfaces you drive on can decrease or increase this recommendation. To help ensure that your tires are always ready for the road, be sure to have them checked regularly.

If your vehicle’s tires are looking a little beat up on the edges but the tread depth is still good, it’s time to get your tires rotated to help ensure they can give you the traction you need. If you would like to schedule a tire rotation or want to learn more about this service, please contact Red Hill Toyota, today, to speak with one of our professional automotive experts.

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