A car driving on a snow-covered road

Tips for Starting Your Car in the Winter 

The cold temperatures of winter can be very tough on a car. While we as drivers may also not enjoy driving in the cold, cars, SUVs and pickup trucks really don’t like it. When the temperature drops during the winter it can be more difficult to start your vehicle for a variety of reasons. If one morning you wake up, get dressed and head out to your vehicle to find that it won’t start, the following tips for starting your car in the winter will help you get it running or at the very least help you understand why it’s not starting and what you can do to prevent it from happening again. Keep reading to learn more about what you can do if your car doesn’t start in the winter.

Things to Do if Your Car Doesn’t Start in the Winter

There are many things that can go wrong with your car that will keep it from starting in the winter. Most of the problems are caused by cold temperatures and can be attributed to a combination of mechanical and chemical malfunctions. Below, you’ll find some of the most common problems that will keep your car from starting this winter.

  • Car Battery. A car battery works by a chemical process and in the winter when it’s cold outside, that process can be slowed down due to the lower temperatures. The colder it gets, the less power your car battery will produce. If you have a dead battery, you can usually get your car started with a jump from another vehicle.
  • Fuel. At lower temperatures, fuel has a more difficult time being vaporized before it can be burned. Another problem you can have with your vehicle’s fuel system in the winter is condensation. As outside temperatures fluctuate, and with a low level of fuel, water can sit at the bottom of your car’s fuel tank and get into the fuel lines. When this happens, the water in your fuel lines can freeze, preventing gasoline from getting into your engine. A good tip to remember is to try and keep your gas tank at least half full at all times during the cold winter months.

Before winter begins, be sure to have your vehicle checked out, especially its battery, to ensure that it is ready for the cold winter ahead. Don’t get stranded this winter, be prepared and be ready. To schedule winter automotive service, please trust the professional staff at Red Hill Toyota. Contact us, today, to schedule your appointment.

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