Alan, your car guy here with this month’s blog!

This month I thought I’d touch on the difference when you purchase a pre-owned vehicle from a new car dealership.

The first and most important: why the vehicle is at a new car dealership, to begin with.  

The most common method of a pre-owned vehicle arriving at a new car dealership is when it’s traded in or off-lease.  At the point of trade-in or lease return, the dealer decides what to do with the vehicle. They’ll either keep it or sell it down the road.

If a dealer chooses to move the car to an auction or a wholesaler, it’s because the vehicle does not meet our standards of what we want to sell under our dealership name.  There can be many reasons for this, the biggest being its previous damage, whether it be disclosed (CARFAX report) or undisclosed (visual damage) upon an inspection. 

We’ll also move a vehicle down the road if the ownership history is not clear and complete (i.e. it’s registered in other countries or more than one or two provinces), or if there isn’t a clear maintenance history with the vehicle.

Your new car dealer also stands behind their pre-owned vehicles far better than someone who knows they’ll never see you again.  We can also offer you a manufacturer-backed extended warranty if your late model pre-owned vehicle is the same brand as the new car dealer you are purchasing from.  

Just remember, your new car dealer will always keep the cream of the crop of pre-owned vehicles.  We have to pay more for the best, but the extra money is often well worth it!

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