When are we not bragging about the Corolla? And what’s not to brag about? According to Auto, The Corolla did something no vehicle has ever done in the automotive industry – it sold over 1.3 million units worldwide! The Corolla retained its title of World’s Best Selling Car after sales climbed 4.7% in 2015 – Amazing!

The Corolla first received the title of World’s Best Selling Car in 1974 and has remained one of the best selling cars in the world since then; holding the title in 2015. To celebrate this achievement, we thought we would take you through a walk down memory lane. Take a look at the Corolla through the years:

First Generation Corolla (Image courtesy of

First Generation Corolla (1966 – 1970) Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Second Generation Corolla

Second Generation Corolla (1970 – 1974) Image courtesy of Wikipedia

3rd Generation Corolla

Third Generation Corolla (1974 – 1979) Image courtesy of Wikipedia


Fourth Generation Corolla (1979 – 1983) Image courtesy of Wikipedia

5th corolla

Fifth Generation Corolla (1983 – 1987) Image courtesy of Wikipedia

6th Corolla

Sixth Generation Corolla (1987 – 1991) Image courtesy of Wikipedia

7th Corolla

Seventh Generation Corolla (1991 – 1995) Image courtesy of Wikipedia

8th Corolla

Eighth Generation Corolla (1995 – 2000) Image courtesy of Wikipedia

9th Corolla

Ninth Generation Corolla (2000 – 2006) Image courtesy of Wikipedia

10th Corolla

Tenth Generation Corolla (2006 – 2013) Image courtesy of Wikipedia

11th Corolla

Eleventh Generation Corolla (2013 – Present) Image courtesy of Wikipedia