Vehicle Cleaning & Detailing in Hamilton, Ontario

Our Detailing Department at Red Hill Toyota

You love your Toyota, and with good cause. It’s loaded with smart technology, safety features, and its performance far exceeds the expectations that come with such a modest price tag. But most of all, it looks amazing. Toyota vehicles have always been at the forefront of automotive style, blending quality design and sleek looks to create a vehicle you can really be proud of. But how do you keep it looking showroom quality, as well as protecting it from the harsh road conditions that come from a long year on the Hamilton streets? You bring it by the Red Hill Toyota detailing department, ensuring that it looks as good as it drives for years to come. Read on to learn more about the services offered at the Red Hill Toyota detailing department!

Why Detail Your Toyota

The main point of detailing your vehicle isn’t simply so that it looks as good as the day you bought it—though that part doesn’t hurt in the least. The real reason to thoroughly detail your vehicle is to protect it, both inside and out, from environmental hazards. Not only will it leave your vehicle looking brand new for longer, but it can also have an impact on the resale value of your vehicle if you ever decide to part with it.

Some Of Our Detailing Services Include…

  • Washing and cleaning your vehicle, inside and out, ensuring it looks its very best
  • Removing environmental hazards, like dirt, mud, road salt, and other debris
  • Touch-ups, whether rock chips or small scratches, can keep damage at bay for longer
  • Engine cleaning helps to remove harmful debris, and keep your vehicle performing its best
  • Interior cleaning can keep your vehicle’s upholstery from wearing down so quickly, or smelling

All of these services will help you get the most from your Toyota, including a greater resale value down the road. After all, why drive one of the most reliable vehicles on the market if you don’t plan on taking care of it?

Red Hill Toyota Detailing Packages

There are a variety of packages and a la carte services available for detailing your vehicle at Red Hill Toyota. Explore some of the most popular options below:

A la carte services (prices subject to change or vary based on vehicle/vehicle condition):

  • Hand wash: $9.99
  • Wash and Toyota Paint Finish Sealant: $150.00
  • Machine polish and Sealant (includes wash and Biosolv): $99.45
  • Undercarriage Power Wash: $34.95
  • Engine shampoo: $79.49
  • Aquapel® glass treatment: $29.99
  • Interior shampoo: $97.45
  • Shampoo carpet mats (4): $37.45
  • Fabric Protection Application: $110.00
  • Leather conditioner: $110.00
  • Environmental Fallout Removal With Clay Bar: $169.99
Package Deluxe Cleaning & Detailing ServicePremium Cleaning & Detailing ServiceUltimate Cleaning & Detailing Service
Price (passenger cars) $47.45 $112.45 $217.45
Price (trucks/vans/SUVs) $57.45 $132.45 $257.45
Services included:
  • Meticulous hand washing & drying of vehicle exterior
  • Detailed interior cleaning including seats, carpets, floor mats, and glass & instrument panel
  • Deodorizing of passenger compartment
  • Detailed inspection report of vehicle’s interior and exterior
  • All Deluxe package items, plus
  • Power washing of wheels, fender, & undercarriage
  • Vacuumed trunk
  • Shampooing of floor mats & spot shampooing of stains
  • Two-step paint restoration process including machine polishing & Toyota paint finish sealant
  • Treatment of interior and exterior rubber and vinyl trim
  • Lubrication of locks and hinges
  • All Premium package items, plus
  • Shampooing & degreasing of engine compartment and lower body
  • Three-step paint restoration process including environmental residue removal
  • Complete interior shampooing of fabric seats, carpets, floor mats, & door panels
  • Application of fabric protectant or leather conditioner

Book Your Auto Detailing in Hamilton, Ontario

To keep your Toyota clean, or to fully recondition it, simply use the form below to book a detailing appointment with a member of the team at Hamilton’s Red Hill Toyota. Experienced, and happy to make your vehicle shine, our detailing department offers a variety of detailing services and packages to help you protect your investment. Book today!