I know I said I’d see you all in a couple of weeks but a thought struck me. Last time I made a comment on roughly how much pure electric range you would get with highway driving so this morning I decided to see what it would actually do.

The drive to work this morning started at 0km on the daily readout, obviously. It turns out I live 28.3km from work. You learn something every day. Maybe we’ll do a treasure hunt later in the adventure to see if anyone can find me using that information. Winner gets to clean my deck. Ok. Maybe not.

Anyway. I have a couple of pictures I took when I got to work. The first shows my distance driven this morning and the second is a picture of the heads-up display showing my remaining pure electric range. The drive was done on the QEW on a pretty clear traffic run up around the 120kmh mark. I do use cruise control on all of my drives, regardless of vehicle, as it’s best for fuel consumption and for not accidentally going too fast as I’m still not completely used to roads wider than a large horse and kart.

This is the shot of the daily run:


And the heads up display: