Well fancy that. I started driving the Prime on the 17th or August and now, 1 month later, I have just rolled over the 2,000km mark. And I still have the same ¼ tank from the earlier pictures. I’ve also pushed my pure electric record to 53.9km. This car is amazing.


I thought at this point I would cover a bit of the more day to day things to do with the car like how it drives. Some pros and cons. So here we go.

If you’ve ever driven a standard Prius you won’t know what’s hit you. This thing is hugely peppy from takeoff when it’s on pure electric mode. I run it in ECO and even then it darts away from the line. The response is more instant than it was with my Highlander. If you want to merge or get out into a gap, this is the car for it.

Once you use up the electric only mode and the engine kicks in, it feels like a standard Prius with all the advantages of that vehicle.

With the new TNGA platform the cornering is limited by the tyres (yes that’s how you spell it) and not by the suspension. It corners flat and true with a little understeer when you get to its limit. When you feel the front end going wide you just easy off the accelerator and it tucks back in and carries on.

The huge Tesla style screen that gives such a fantastic view of maps etc can get some reflections if it’s a very sunny day making it difficult to see sometimes.

Trunk space is reduced over the standard Prius because of the extra batteries. This hasn’t been a problem for me to date but might be at some point.

It would be nice to have vents in the rear of the vehicle. The front vents are designed to push air to the rear and work pretty well but I feel dedicated vents would have been better.

Other than that I have nothing negative to say about my time so far living the ECO life. I love it.

More to report soon.