2020 Prius Prime
I have never owned a slow car. In Ireland I would take the maximum I could spend and buy the fastest vehicle that money would buy. Running costs be damned. You can imagine how well that went over the years.

I moved to Canada in 2009 and the adventure continued only now with access to V8 machinery. Oh how I enjoyed my first few years here. Then the lack of twisty roads started to get to me and I decided to call it a day and switched to the excellent 2015 Toyota Highlander which I have basically been driving as my chosen demo for 5 years. I’ve loved every minute.

Then came the Prius Prime Plug-in vehicle. I have an interest in the technical end of most things so, while it didn’t excite me dynamically, it certainly peeked my curiosity from an innovation perspective. We get lots of questions from prospective buyers regarding how they perform in the real world of driving and all we have been able to do is to quote the manufacturers statistics.

Recently, at our annual Lime Ridge Mall sale, my Highlander demo sold and while deciding on what colour to take next I started to analyse my driving habits and realised that despite the fact that I don’t go very far from home during a normal week I’m still spending around $500 in gas every month. I don’t know about you but I have a few things I can think of that I would prefer to spend that money on than gas so the idea hit me.

I would switch to the 2020 Prius Prime Technology with upgrade package (nothing but the best for me don’t you know). Every week I will take screen shots from the on board information screens that show the daily usage of the vehicle with the average gas mileage for each day.

This way we will have an actual record of the true consumption of this amazing vehicle and while this is being recorded I will be learning tricks and tips to help make the most of your ownership. I’ve been driving it now since August 17th so my first report will be coming any day now. Without wanting to give anything away, my mind has been blown with the capabilities of this car.

I will still admit that I yearn for a Lamborgini, Ferrari or McLaren (my needs are few and simple) but for day to day driving I think I’ve been won over, even this soon into the project.

Watch this space.