Well the way things worked out it’s gone past when I wanted to do my first mileage report. The car had 36km on the clock when I first filled it. I’m currently at 1,600km driving since the 17th August. The good news is I still have ¼ tank left from my first fill all that time ago. I’m completely blown away by this car. I can’t believe how much better it is in normal driving than the manufacturer’s claims. This is definitely not usually the case.

As part of this total mileage I went to a wedding in Stratford where there was no place to plug is so I got to see how it would do on longer drives. I played with the regen function a bit which actually hurt my overall average for that trip so I won’t be doing that again. I will report later on how best to use this function. On that trip which saw a day total of 417.1 km with an average of 4.1 L/100km. This has been by far my worst consumption and was caused by my incorrect usage of the regen function. The return trip saw 201km with 3.6 L/100km

So some details that I have learned during my time driving it.

The manufacturer states that the Prime will drive UP TO 40km on strictly on electric power. Well I can tell you from experience that, once you are on city streets and not the highway, it will do a lot more than that. My current best is 53.2km on electric only with not charging. On the highway at speeds that will just about keep you from being run off the road by our fine QEW morning and evening traffic it will comfortably do more than 30km on electric power.
Here is a shot of the screen showing my current total km and the remaining gas from the original tank.
I’m determined to cross the 2,000km mark before I need to refuel. Let’s see how I get on with that.

See you all in a couple of weeks.