Current mileage: 3,070km 3,234km

Ooooh. I was afraid I wasn’t going to do it. I said would cheat while driving this and I’ve been true to my word. I haven’t passed up on any journeys that I knew would use up the battery so this has been a true test. I passed the 3,000km mark on my first tank. I’ll be over the 3,100km when I get home tonight but tomorrow I’m off to Canada’s Wonderland so I’m filling up ahead of that. To be fair. There’s still 124km of driving range using the normal Prius function and the 40km of battery range, so I could probably make it there before I need to fill, but I fear my wife might murder me if I attempt that.  So there you have it. Fill number 2 is happening tomorrow almost 2 months after the last fill on 17th of August.



I can’t really complain. Almost 2 months driving for $54 of gas. For comparison purposes, my last demo Highlander got roughly 550km on a 65 litre fill which is not bad for a large 7 passenger vehicle with a 3.5L V6. I would be half way through tank number 6 at this point with that vehicle at $71 per fill. I just saved $372 in gas (using $1.10 as a per litre price) and remember. The more expensive gas gets, the bigger that saving translates to.

I am sold. Hook line and sinker.

I need to figure out a way of opening a Q&A section for this blog so that I can answer any questions you might have. Watch this space.

I did it. I went for the Canada’s Wonderland run without getting gas first. Where would you see such a selfless, risk-taking hero putting his life on the limb for you? I tell you. I made it with ease to Wonderland and then finally filled up at 3,234km and it was still reading 44km remaining before it hit the reserve tank. I think I could have made it part of the way home but the look I got from my wife when I mentioned it in passing suggested that I might just be better getting a tank of gas before we left. My selfless risk-taking only goes so far. Sorry folks.

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