Hi everyone, Alan your car guy here with this month’s blog!

This month I’m talking about what the difference is when you service your vehicle at a New Car dealership.

At a New Car dealership, we will always “err on the side of caution”. Meaning, even though something may pass a minimum safety standard, we will always recommend a proper replacement or repair.

For example, if your vehicle has an issue with the driver’s side front brakes and the brakes have thousands of kilometers on them since their last replacement or service, we will never just replace one side. The reasoning behind this is that you’d have much better braking on the driver’s side of the vehicle than the passenger side. This is bad for many reasons, but it’s especially bad in situations like emergency braking, wet pavement or uneven surfaces. It could even lead to loss of control of your vehicle.

Just like with brakes, we would never replace just one shock absorber or strut if those parts have been on the vehicle for thousands of kilometers for the same reason.

When it comes to tires, we will not sell just 2 snow tires and install them on your vehicle if you have all season or summer tires on the other axle. The difference in grip from an all season/summer tire to a modern snow tire is massive in cold or snow conditions.

Also, if a tire is at the “wear bar” (or has about 4/32nds of an inch of tread left) we will recommend replacing the tire and changing both front or back tires depending on which set is worn. We won’t want to mix tread patterns because this can easily lead to loss of control in all but ideal driving conditions.

When our technicians work on your vehicle there is a great responsibility for your and your family’s safety, and we will never put that at risk.

Another huge benefit to servicing your vehicle with a New Car dealership is the significant investment in infrastructure and factory diagnostic tools. We also employ technicians with the most up to date training and direct contact with the manufacturer regarding the latest updates available for your vehicle.

As always, if you have any questions or would like more details, you can speak to me directly by calling 905-561-1202 ext. 121 or emailing me at