Current mileage: 4,807km Almost at the 5,000km mark and I’m still on the second tank (remember. The $40 one?). This tank has seen some longer journeys that have allowed me to play with th...Read More

  Updated multimedia systems on all models, including Connected Services by Toyota with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ compatibility Sizzling new colour choices, including several two-t...Read More

Current mileage: 3,070km 3,234km Ooooh. I was afraid I wasn’t going to do it. I said would cheat while driving this and I’ve been true to my word. I haven’t passed up on any journeys that I...Read More

Well fancy that. I started driving the Prime on the 17th or August and now, 1 month later, I have just rolled over the 2,000km mark. And I still have the same ¼ tank from the earlier pictures. I...Read More

I know I said I’d see you all in a couple of weeks but a thought struck me. Last time I made a comment on roughly how much pure electric range you would get with highway driving so this morning ...Read More

Well the way things worked out it’s gone past when I wanted to do my first mileage report. The car had 36km on the clock when I first filled it. I’m currently at 1,600km driving since the 17th...Read More

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