Genuine Toyota Accessories in Hamilton, ON

Add a personalized and distinctive touch to your Toyota vehicle when you buy it at the Red Hill Toyota, as we house a wide range of genuine Toyota and aftermarket accessories. All these premium quality accessories significantly add to the look, design and performance of every Toyota vehicle. Here at our dealership, you can find model or vehicle-specific accessories, as we aim to cater to all of our customers’ interests, ensuring maximum satisfaction and a unique vehicle-buying experience. Our team of skilled parts and accessories specialists is here to guide you through some genuine Toyota accessories, which add to the durability and efficiency of your vehicle.

Accessorize Your Toyota

Got a 2022 Corolla or Highlander? No worries because at Red Hill Toyota, you can find different accessories to upgrade a specific model or vehicle type. You can find a wide assortment of technologically advanced accessories that makes driving a Toyota even more convenient, safe and comfortable. Here’s what you get with some of the popular Toyota accessories:

Toyota Genuine Dash Camera

Capturing all your turns and drifts, the available Toyota Genuine Dash Camera comes with specialized video event recording modes that allow you to record, save and review the videos shot on your road journeys. It automatically starts capturing the location, audio and video when your vehicle’s ignition is turned on.

Toyota START+

This factory-manufactured long-range remote engine starter lets you start your Toyota even when you’re as far as 2,600 ft. (800 m). Toyota START+ also allows you to activate the front and rear defoggers to ensure maximum interior comfort in any environment.

Toyota Genuine Towing Hitch

The Toyota Genuine Hitch system is specifically designed and manufactured to ensure maximum safety while towing a trailer. It is powder coated and e-coated to withstand everyday wear and tear, corrosion and rust, offering incredible and lasting performance.

Toyota Genuine Alloy Wheels

Add high-quality, track-tested and reliable Toyota Genuine Alloy wheels to your Toyota vehicle for enhanced performance and maximum fuel economy. The high-quality and lightweight aluminum alloys balance strength, weight and performance to offer more power, especially when driving through challenging or tricky terrains.

TRD Accessories

Toyota Racing Development (TRD) line of genuine performance products and accessories enhances the efficiency and strength of your Toyota vehicle, including Tundra, 4Runner, Camry, Tacoma and Sequoia. It is impeccably designed to offer your Toyota vehicles a more sturdier and sportier look. Available genuine TRD accessories include:

TRD Performance Air intake


TRD Performance Dual Exhaust


TRD Performance Air Filter


TRD Shift Knob


As the name suggests, the Toyota COMFORT+ promises excellent comfort and convenience to both the driver and passengers. It has various top-notch features that let you pre-warm the cabin in chilly winters, keep your battery fully charged or maintain a properly ventilated environment on a typical summer day.

Engine Block Heater:

The COMFORT+ suite pairs with a block heater to keep your vehicle’s engine warm for a powerful and smoother start.

Cabin Warmer:

To keep you comfortable and cozy during the coldest winter days, the COMFORT+ helps you pre-warm the cabin before you head out on your adventure.

Mobile App:

It works as a remote vehicle controller that lets you manage and adjust key elements at your fingertips. The app can also monitor the battery status and control the temperature. Please note that it requires a Bluetooth hub for easy connection.

Battery Trickle Charger:

Even if you park your vehicle for an extended period, the battery trickle charger keeps it optimally charged for a long time.

Buying High-Quality Accessories at Red Hill Toyota

If you’re all set to upgrade your existing Toyota vehicle with any of the top Toyota accessories or parts, visit Red Hill Toyota. We have a team of experienced parts and accessories specialists who follow company-recommended practices to take care of your Toyota vehicle like no other. Apart from the genuine Toyota accessories mentioned above, there is a large pool of interior and exterior features available in our parts and services accessories, including pro-series paint protection film-hood, hood deflector, running boards, LED fog light kit, towing hitch ball, towing hitch ball platform and more.

Book an appointment with our certified technicians or visit our showroom in Hamilton if you have any questions/queries about our aftermarket and genuine Toyota accessories and parts.