This December Christmas came early to the students taking automotive classes at Saltfleet Highschool on the mountain in Stoney Creek. In partnership with Toyota University, Red Hill Toyota and Parkway Motor Group made a donation of a training RAV4 for students to help develop their practical real world automotive skills.

“This is a gift that will pay dividends to the service side of the industry for a decade to come. I want my students to be able to leave here with the knowledge of how to actually work on cars that are currently on the market. The worst thing an employer can say to them is that they don’t have the experience they need to participate in a co-op or work placement program. Now I know they will have current vehicles to train on. I can ensure that doors will be open for them rather then having them closed. They’ll certainly have a leg up when they apply for college or for a job. Especially if it’s at a Toyota dealership like Red Hill Toyota,” say Samy Pennisi, Automotive Instructor at Saltfleet Highschool.

The RAV4 was recently retired from the Toyota service technician training program and was delivered by members of Toyota University and the Red Hill Toyota management team.