Cooling System Service in East Hamilton, ON

To help keep your vehicle running and performing at its best, you’ll need to give it the attention it requires with regular maintenance. One of the most important things you can do is to keep up with your vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. A very important automotive service you’ll want to have performed on your vehicle to keep it running smoothly is a cooling system service. A cooling system service in East Hamilton, ON at Red Hill Toyota is essential to maintain and protect your engine, and its water pump and helps to ensure the proper functioning of your vehicle’s interior heating system. There is no better place to take your vehicle for service than Red Hill Toyota. Keep reading to learn more about this critical automotive service, what it does and when you should schedule your next service.

What Does a Vehicle’s Cooling System Do?

A cooling system, which includes a radiator, thermostat and water pump, helps to remove heat from your engine to help maintain an optimal operating temperature. The cooling system also helps protect internal engine parts from corrosion, ensures the proper function of your interior heating system and helps lubricate your engine’s water pump. A cooling system has three components that require maintenance that consist of an evaporator, a blower unit and a cabin air filter. While replacing coolant does help extend the life of the cooling system, this critical system also needs the attention of a certified technician.




When Should You Schedule a Cooling System Service?

As a general rule of thumb, drivers should schedule a cooling system service in Hamilton, ON at Red Hill Toyota every 50,000 kilometres or every two to three years, whichever comes first. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will give you the proper information about when to have this service performed. Other factors such as the environment you drive in and the way you drive, also impact the recommended interval of a cooling system service.




Schedule a Cooling System Service at Red Hill Toyota in East Hamilton, ON

If your vehicle is in need of a cooling system service in East Hamilton, ON, we encourage you to visit Red Hill Toyota and let our professional service technicians help. This important maintenance service can be scheduled at a time that best fits your busy life, so you don’t have to worry about not having a vehicle when you need it. Please contact our service department if you have any questions about a cooling system service.