Drivetrain Service in East Hamilton, ON

If you want to keep your vehicle in top shape so it can continue to deliver the reliability you need from it, you’ll need to have certain components of it serviced on a regular basis. One of the most important automotive services that is required for your vehicle is a drivetrain service. A drivetrain service in East Hamilton, ON at Red Hill Toyota will ensure that your vehicle will continue to operate and perform the way it was designed to. Keep reading to learn more about what a drivetrain is, why it’s an important automotive service and when it should be performed.

What is a Drivetrain?

In short, a drivetrain is a series of components that make your vehicle’s wheels turn. The main components of a drivetrain are the transmission, which controls the torque and power that is sent to the wheels. Then there is the differential, which changes the direction of the driving power and enables your vehicle’s wheels to rotate at different speeds when cornering. The driveshaft transmits power from your vehicle’s differential to the wheels. Below, you can view all the main components of a drivetrain to get a better understanding of what it includes.

  • Tire
  • Engine
  • Driveshaft
  • Differential
  • Transmission
  • Propeller Shaft

Why is Getting a Drivetrain Service Important?

The entire drivetrain system requires many different fluids that need to be checked and replaced according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule in order to continue to deliver the reliability you want and need on the road.




When Should a Drivetrain Service be Scheduled?

To determine the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for a drivetrain service for your vehicle, please see your vehicle’s owner’s manual.





If your Toyota is in need of a drivetrain service in East Hamilton, ON and you want the most experienced automotive technicians to perform it, please contact a service professional at Red Hill Toyota, today, to make an appointment for this essential and required service.