Toyota Oil Change Service in Hamilton, ON

Most vehicle owners underestimate the importance of routine oil changes, and if you’re part of that lot, it’s time you keep oil changes at the top of your mind. Oil changes are crucial in ensuring your vehicle’s smooth functionality and performance. It’s better to not delay an oil change as this can severely affect the health of your vehicle’s engine and its mechanical components, including the camshaft, piston, valves and spark plugs. Reach out to the experienced oil change technicians here at the Red Hill Toyota to understand the importance of regular oil changes, how they add to the life of your vehicle’s engine and the benefits of adding Toyota genuine motor oil to your Toyota vehicle.

Why Are Oil Changes Important?

Engine oil provides lubrication to the engine and its components to move continuously and smoothly. In fact, engine oil prevents the mechanical parts from brushing or rubbing with one another as that friction can result in engine overheating and serious part damage. With time the engine oil becomes sludgy and fails to properly lubricate the powertrain system, which makes oil changes more significant as they curb the risk of costly engine damage.




How Often Should You Change Your Engine Oil?

Time and distance play a critical role in determining when you should get your vehicle’s oil changed. The experienced team of technicians here at Red Hill Toyota suggests vehicle owners change the oil every three months or as soon as they get between 6,000 to 8,000 km. If you travel a lot or go on long routes, you should aim to get the oil changed in frequent intervals for better fuel economy and higher mileage. Our oil change experts recommend using the owner manual to understand the needs of your specific model and vehicle type for determining how often you should get your vehicle’s engine oil replaced. Please remember that there are other reasons and signs you should be aware of regarding the need for an oil change, such as abnormal engine noises.

How To Know if You Need An Oil Change?

It’s always a good idea to periodically check your oil by taking out the dipstick. You can check for a foul smell or darker colour to determine whether you need an oil change or not. For an accurate reading, ensure the oil is warm and at normal room temperature. Though you can remove the dipstick yourself, it is always a good idea to reach out to a technician or mechanic for professional advice or take the help of the owner’s manual if you’re unsure of anything.



Toyota Genuine Engine/Motor Oil

Toyota genuine synthetic engine oil and motor oil are manufactured specifically to enhance the performance and efficiency of Toyota vehicles. They are designed to ensure the proper functioning of all engine components while adding to their durability. Toyota genuine motor oil helps your engine withstand everyday wear and tear, demanding road conditions and challenging Canadian climate conditions. When you choose to use genuine Toyota synthetic oil for your Toyota vehicle, it offers a wide range of benefits, including lasting lubrication and protection against corrosion and rusting.



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