Steering System Service in East Hamilton, ON

When owning a Toyota, you’re behind the wheel of the most reliable vehicles in the automotive industry. However, even the most reliable vehicle needs regularly scheduled maintenance in order to continue to deliver the reliability you’ve come to expect. There is no better place to take your Toyota for regular service and maintenance appointments in East Hamilton, ON than your local Toyota dealership. At Red Hill Toyota, you can count on us to give your Toyota the service and care it needs to continue to perform the way you want and expect it to. In order to keep your Toyota running smoothly, you’ll need to keep up with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. One of these requirements is a steering system service. Keep reading to learn more about what a steering system does, why you need it serviced and when it should be done.

What Does a Steering System Do?

A vehicle’s steering system helps to transmit the driver’s input from the steering wheel to the steering rack through the steering column, which then sends the steering force to the wheels. A steering rack can be either electric or hydraulic. Your vehicle’s power steering pump and lines help to provide power assistance to reduce the effort that is required to turn the steering wheel.




Why Does Your Toyota Need a Steering System Service?

As the components of your steering system get used and age, they will require service in order to continue to operate the way they were designed to. This required service is essential to the lifespan and longevity of your vehicle’s steering system and reliability and should not be overlooked.




When Does a Steering System Service Need to Be Done?

To avoid costly repairs to your steering system, it is suggested that you have a steering system service performed every two years or 80,000 km, whichever comes first. To be sure about when your vehicle needs to have a steering system service, please check your owner’s manual.




If your Toyota needs or is ready for a steering system service, please contact a knowledgeable and experienced service professional at Red Hill Toyota in East Hamilton, ON to schedule an appointment for this vital service. Please use the form below to schedule your steering system service appointment, today.