Winter Tires at Red Hill Toyota

Shop for Winter Tires in East Hamilton, ON

Winter arrives fast in East Hamilton, and before you know it the roads will be covered with snow and ice. Is your vehicle ready for the dangerous driving conditions that come with the colder temperatures? If not, you’re in the right place as you’re about to learn more about why having winter tires on your Toyota is so critical during the winter months here in Ontario. Winter tires offer something that no other type of tire can and that’s a safer driving experience on snow- and ice-covered roads. How do they do it? Keep reading to find out how and why you need them.

Why Does Your Toyota Need Winter Tires?

Winter tires are designed for the colder weather and they know how to perform on them thanks to a specially designed tread pattern that offers a deeper groove. They are also made of a softer rubber compound that allows them to offer more flexibility to help maintain tighter traction control in colder weather. The deeper tread pattern and softer rubber give winter tires the ability to push snow and ice out of the treads, which in turn gives your vehicle increased traction control by putting more of your tire on the road surface.

When Should You Put Winter Tires on Your Toyota?

Having winter tires put on your vehicle before the snow starts to fall is the key to being prepared to safely travel on snow- and ice-covered roads. Your Toyota’s tires need to match the season and temperature you’re driving in and before you know it, it may be too late if you’re not staying ahead of the game. If you want to be prepared and ready for winter driving conditions, you’ll want to have winter tires on your vehicle before the temperature is consistently below 7℃. This temperature is the cutoff for you to change from all-season tires to safer and higher-performing winter tires. When you’re ready, visit us at Red Hill Toyota and have our experienced service technicians put winter tires on your vehicle.

Buy Your Winter Tires at Red Hill Toyota

Shopping for winter tires in East Hamilton, ON is easy when you have a dealership like Red Hill Toyota nearby. Our dealership offers the best prices on winter tires and we have a knowledgeable staff of professionals that know how to help you get the right set of winter tires for your specific needs and vehicle. If you’re ready to upgrade your tires for the winter months, please visit us at Red Hill Toyota and let us help you find a set of new winter tires that will allow you to drive more safely this winter.